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Works realised so far have gained a high esteem by both the corporate direct investors and contractor’s companies. Our activity is characterised by an individualised approach to complex technical issues.

In 2011 the following was executed:  

  •   Heat And Power Plant  DALKIA POZNAŃ ZEC S.A. Execution of construction works for the investment Extension of biomass management for a BFB boiler of the Dalkia Poznań ZEC S.A. Heat and Power Plant 
  •  EC WROCŁAW – modernisation of a turbine of block 3 with repair of the turbine foundation.
  •    Power Plant JAWORZNO II  hacking off and making new heads of reinforced concrete posts at the height of 30m
  • CARGILL (POLSKA) SP.zo.o.  Extension of a Gluten Warehouse in Bielany Wrocławskie
  •  EC Dalkia Łódź  Modernisation of a K3 boiler  technological foundations, Transformer station  Commercial and service building with office,
  • Service and warehouse areas with a support infrastructure in Oświęcim – earth and reinforced concrete works. 

In 2010 the following was executed:  

  • PKE Power Plant of Jaworzno. – Execution of reinforced concrete works for a task  OFz-201 fluidized bed boiler with support facilities and a Control System for Biomass Application At the Power Plant of Jaworzno
  •  PULVERIT Polska Sp. z o.o. Tychy – Execution of an industrial floor of 3,200 m2
  • Francisco Ros Casares Sp. z o.o. - Gliwice  Technological foundation of a steel sheet customizing line with associated reinforced concrete channels,
  • PKE Power Plant of Jaworzno III  Modernisation of an unloading node,
  •  GRUPA OŻARÓW S.A.  Ożarów Cement Plant in Karsy, Construction of an alternative fuels installation  construction works
  • SOKPOL SP. ZO.O. – Making reinforced concrete unloading gates
  • Polish Railway Lines S.A. Branch Katowice  Making reinforced concrete foundations in the PKP station in Katowice
  • VITKOWICE MILMET S.A. – Making reinforced concrete channels for alteration of the existing production halls in Sosnowiec.
  • KEDAR BUD Sp.zo.o. – Construction works for making a facility -Retirement House in Zebrzydowice 

 In 2009 the following was executed: 

  • SATURN MANAGEMENT Sp. z o.o. ŚWIECIE construction works for facilities of an BFB fluidized bed boiler 
  •  FABRYKA PAPIERU (PAPER MILL) MYSZKÓW Sp. zo.o. – Reinforced concrete of the capacity of 216 M3
  •  Power Hydraulics Plant FMiU TAGOR S.A. in Zabrze Execution of an extension if trackbed of the existing gantry on a steelworks warehouse 
  •  Zinc-Works POKÓJ SP. ZO.O. Ruda Śląska – Execution of construction works under a task ?Modernisation of a production hall Lining of a zinc charge storage site; 
  •  Construction works for the task construction of Lidl in Katowice 
  • ENERSYS Sp.zo.o. Bielsko Biała Foundation works, assembly of a steel structure for facilities, making and assembly of a steel chimney
  •   MILIMEX Sp. z o.o. – Construction of a Culture Centre 
  •  EC Czechnica in Siechnice – Modernisation of a K2 boiler Technological Foundations,

Realised in 2008:

  • Myszków Paper Mill – Trafo Station, Foundation;
  • Coking Plat in Radlin – Chemical coke battery of the rammed system (coke decanter, pumping station);
  • Małogoszcz Cement Plant – Mill MC5 foundation, switchhouse, compressor room building, cooling water ducts, retention wall;
  • Kielce Power-Heating Plant– cable ducts;
  • DELTA SERVICE STANISŁAW ECHILCZUK in Zielonka – Civil works (reinforced concrete structures) for a steel-frame hall;
  • Łagisza Power Plant in Będzin – modernisation of a railway car tippler for a block of 460 MW;

Realised in 2007:

  • FABRYKA PAPIERU MYSZKÓW Sp. z o.o. (Myszków Paper Mill) – building-in of turbine set TP4;
  • MECALUX Sp. z o.o. – construction of a technological foundation;
  • FABRYKA PAPIERU MYSZKÓW Sp. z o.o. (Myszków Paper Mill) – technological line;
  • ZAKŁADY KOKSOWNICZE w Zdzieszowicach (Coking Plant in Zdzieszowice) – coking battery No. 12 (hearth plate, jet slab, waste gas ducts);
  • Mittal Steel Polad S.A. in Kraków - Fimi technological line,
  • Mittal Steel Poland S.A. in Kraków - Guida technological line;

Realised in 2005/2006:

  • Construction of production-warehouse hall for FICOMIRRORS Plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza – internal and external basins;
  • KOKSOWNIA PRZYJAŹŃ (“Przyjaźń” Coking Plant) in Dąbrowa Górnicza – air drying station;
  • Development of TMP FONDLMEC Production Plant in KSSE Żory – construction, civil works (reinforced concrete);
  • P.P.H.U. "ELEKTROMETAL" in Zabrze – foundations for longitudinal plate cutting line with looping pit;
  • SATURN MANAGMENT Sp. z o.o. in Świecie – turbine set foundation modernisation;
  • EC 4 (Power-Heating Plant No.4) in Łódź - turbine foundation modernisation;
  • UGINE & ALZ in Siemianowice - civil works (reinforced concrete);
  • INSTAL KRAKÓW - Sławków water purification plant – walls, civil works (reinforced concrete);
  • CARGILL POLSKA - Bielany Wrocławskie – development of the refinery building of coal regeneration building;
  • CARGILL POLSKA - Bielany Wrocławskie – complete execution of trafo station building – civil scope;
  • RENAULT – car service station with the regional vehicle inspection station in Zabrze - walls, civil works (reinforced concrete);

Realised in 2003/2004:

  • ELEKTROCIEPŁOWNIE WYBRZEŻE S.A. EC Gdańsk (Power-Heating Plants in Gdańsk) – turbo-generator foundation modernisation;
  • KOKSOWNIA PRZYJAŹŃ (“Przyjaźń” Coking Plant) in Dąbrowa Górnicza – modernisation of pressure absorption line “B”;
  • EC2 (Power-Heating Plant No. 2) in BIELSKO BIAŁA – turbine set foundation modernisation;
  • USINOR STAL SERWIS in Bytom – development of industrial halls;
  • EC (Power-Heating Plant) IP KWIDZYŃ – modernisation of the turbine set 6UP25 foundation for the needs of turbine set 6UP37;
  • ELEKTROCIEPŁOWNIA SIEKIERKI (“Siekierki” Power-Heating Plant) in Warsaw - modernisation of the turbine set 13p110 foundation, Block No. 7.