of an industrial and specialistic building, the buildings to the different uses, rebores in the reinforced concrete constructions with the usage of the high qualified engineering-technical and executive staff.

The building works::


  •   reinforcements, reconstructions and bearing construction repairs: turbine generator foundations, silos, containers, settling tanks, chimneys, tunels, trestle bridges, foundations and constructions with a complicated shape;
  •   resinous concrete;
  •   specialistic(chemical proof) painting; acid-proof floors;
  •   [nbsptaking to pieces of reinforced concrete, concrete and wall constructions: dust-free cuts of reinforced concrete, concrete and wall constructions with diament saws, traditional disassembling with a usage of pneumatic hammers;
  •   building and modernization of water containers and pools;
  •   hydroabrasive sand blasting; rebores of drill rigs in reinforced concrete, concrete constructions;
  •    finishing building works.

The firm cooperates with the laboratories and entitled specialists in the field of mechnical expert's reports and technology of building construction repairs with the usage of the latest technics.