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Industrial Construction Company "Przem-Bud", Limited Liability Company Is an independent entity as understood by the commercial law, conducting construction activity. The main field of our company’s activity is realisation of industrial objects in the area of the entire Poland. Thanks to application of state-of-the-art technologies we guarantee the highest quality of the services provided, timely works realisation, and complying with the high requirements of our Customers. The company activity profile embraces services in the following fields:
  • Construction of industrial, warehouse, and public use objects;

  • Construction of foundations and objects in power industry and power-heating plants,

  • Civil works, including renovations,

  • Construction renovations of hydro-technical objects, water purifications plants, and potable water basins.

  • Specialised services:

- Chemistry-resistant protection of reinforced-concrete structures,

- Reinforced-concrete structures renovation by torquetting,

- Crack gluing and leakage sealing with high-pressure injections,

- Floorings on the basis of epoxide and polyurethane resins,

- Cleaning of steel and reinforced-concrete structures with sand blasting / shot blasting and hydrodynamic methods.

The company’s high esteem among its Customers has been gained due to its owner’s personality, the company’s highly-efficient organisation, and the excellent quality of the executed works. We employ experienced management teams and highly qualified civil specialists, able to adjust their professional skills to new technologies in the construction industry.